Agility: d6 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d6 Strength: d6 Vigor: d4

Boating: d4 Climbing: d4 Driving: d4 Fighting: d4 Gambling: d4 Healing: d4 Intimidation: d4 Investigation: d4+2 Knowledge: History: d6 Literacy: Hebrew: d6 Pace: d6

Perception: d6 Persuasion: d6 Repair: d4 Riding: d4 Shooting: d4 Stealth: d4 Streetwise: d4+2 Survival: d4 Swimming: d4 Taunt: d4 Throwing: d4 Tracking: d4

Unarmed Strike (d4, Str damage) Investigator D4: Investigators are characters who have spent a great deal of time researching ancient legends, working the streets, or deducing devilish mysteries. Some of these heroes are actual Private Investigators for hire while others may be sleuthing mages in a fantasy world or perhaps inquisitive college professors stumbling upon Things Man was not Meant to Know in the dark of night. Investigators add +2 to Investigation and Streetwise rolls, as well as Notice rolls made to search through evidence. Noble D4: Those born of noble blood have many perks in life, but often have just as many responsibilities. Nobles have high status in their societies, are entitled to special treatment from their foes, gain Persuasion and Literacy. Nobles often have troops under their control, as well as land, a family home, and other assets. All of this must be determined by the GM, and balanced by the grave responsibilities the character faces. As an example, a character might have a company of swordsmen, a small keep, and even a magical sword he inherited from his father. But he also has an entire county to manage, criminals to judge, justice to mete out, and a jealous neighbor who covets his lands and constantly plots against him at court. d4 Earn a Benny by Giving your Opponent a Mook d8 who opposes your nation or family and all they stand for. Curious d8: It killed the cat, and it might kill your hero as well. Curious characters are easily dragged into any adventure. They have to check out everything and always want to know what’s behind a potential mystery. Relationship D6: Ahuzzam takes things too far: Relationship D6: Azariah is willing to make sacrifices: Relationship D6: Hananiah inspires me: Relationship D6: I’ve got to help Mischael reach his potential: Relationship D6: I’ve got to look out for Sarah: Relationship D6: Jarha is going to get herself into trouble: Relationship D6: Rachel can take care of herself: Values D4: Glory: I don’t need credit for what I do: Values D8: Duty: My friends depend on me:


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