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How to Play

In Nebuchadnezzar’s world, you and your group work together to create great stories of drama and conflict. Sometimes the story just flows and it’s obvious to everyone where it’s headed. Often, though, you explicitly collaborate with the group to discuss the decisions that need to be made and how to move the story forward.

Good collaboration requires responsible participants. Everyone involved needs to know what each of you is responsible for. Remember that, no matter how intriguing everyone’s suggestions are, in the end you’re the one who makes the decisions for your character, while balancing your responsibilities as a member of the group.

As a player, you are responsible for:

  • Deciding what your character does.
  • Deciding whether your character stands up and fights or gives in during a conflict.
  • Confronting the problems presented by the GM.
  • Pointing your character in directions that make for good stories, even (or especially) when that means failing or doing something less than ideal.
  • Getting into conflicts with other characters and testing your assumptions, sometimes with contests.
  • Deciding how your character changes and grows over time, often by challenging the things that drive you.
  • In general, telling the story of your character.

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