Your character (a player character), and unique allies and villains are collectively called “Characters.” These beings have a little better chance at doing things, are a little tougher to put down, and are generally more detailed than common guards, minions, or lackeys – collectively called Mooks.

Characters are noted with a design of some sort before their name. Besides your own characters, it’s up to the Game Master to decide which characters are NPCs. The sergeant of the City Watch probably isn’t an NPC, but Sergeant Grimlock of the City Watch, a veteran of many wars and an important character in your campaign, certainly is.

You’ll see the difference between NPCs and Mooks as you continue to read, but for later reference, the differences are:

  • Characters (including NPCs) suffer stress levels.
  • Characters have Attributes and Drives along with their Gear and Resources. When engaged in contests they roll all applicable die and take the best two.


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